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Laz EQN1084 EQ Build – D.I.Y. Neve EQ Clone for API 500 series lunchbox

Laz eqn1084

This thread is only to document my journey building the Laz EQN1084 EQ.


Support thread here:

Group DIY Laz EQN Support Thread


The designer/producer details:
Peter Purpose


******************* Disclaimer ****************************
This is just my experience regarding this build and is the opinion of myself. Use this information at your own discretion and responsibility.



This is my journey into the making of the Laz EQN1084 500 series eq.

I thought it would be useful to post up my BOM mark up excel sheet encase some people here may find it useful for their builds.

If anyone notices faults, message me, so I can correct it.

If anyone has suggestions on ways of improving it, feel free to message me and I will consider implementing it to the excel document.


## Please read this whole thread first if you plan on using some of the parts I used for my BOM list. I have discovered through my journey that some components on my list is better suited to be smaller in dimensions.


Mouser and Digikey ordered parts list:

Laz EQN1084 eq Parts Ordered List Word version 2007 – 22/11/10


BOM version 1.4 – updated 03:17am on 03/07/10

Excel version 2007 download
Laz EQN1084 eq BOM Excel List version 2007

Excel version 1997-2003 download
Laz EQN1084 eq BOM Excel List version 1997-2003


Visual reference to the Laz 1084EQN kit that you should receive so you can see whether you are missing something or what parts are what.

– 1 X main PCB board
Laz eqn1084 part

– 2 X Opamp PCB boards
Laz eqn1084 part

– 1 X Face Panel
Laz eqn1084 part

– 1 X 500 series aluminum L metalwork
Laz eqn1084 part

– 2 X round tubular grey plastic mounting hardware (part of M3 SCREWS/SPACERS/NUTS**)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 2 toggle switches (rocker switches)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 1 X Black Heatsink with screw attached
Laz eqn1084 part

– 8 X silver long pins (8X 1MM PINS FOR AMPS**)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 10 X little socket silvers pins (2X 1MM SOCKETS FOR CC-6** * & 8X 1MM SOCKETS FOR AMPS**)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 7 X black joined together header terminal pin sockets (8X .8MM SOCKETS FOR CC-6** * – 7pin SIL socket for DC-DC converter)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 1 Pair of silver nuts and bolts (part of M3 SCREWS/SPACERS/NUTS**)
Laz eqn1084 part

– 2 X little bolts (8BA SCREWS FOR MOUNTING INPUT TX**)
Laz eqn1084 part


Visual reference for the Audio Maintenance 1084EQN partial kit.

– CARNHILL VTB9043 and VTB9050 Inductors
Laz eqn1084 part

– 3 X GRAYHILL 71BDF30-01-2-AJN 6 way rotary switch
Laz eqn1084 part

– GRAYHILL 71BDF30-01-1-AJN 12 way rotary switch
Should have stop pins for this rotary switch, either sent as;
– individually packaged in a round plastic container which contains the switch, stop pins and silver label
– bulk packed…. where we have to pack the pins and silver label seperately….
Laz eqn1084 part

– CARNHILL VTB9046 Input transformer
Laz eqn1084 part

– Various Caps
Laz eqn1084 part

DU-09-002 Capacitor: 100uF 25V 105 Deg C – Radial 3
DU-09-012 Capacitor: 1000uF 25V 105 Deg C – Radial 2
DU-09-018 Capacitor: 470uF 35V 105 Deg C – Radial 1
DU-09-1-1500 Capacitor: 1n5F 100v Polyester 5mm pitch 1
DU-09-1-15000 Capacitor: 15nF 100v Polyester 5mm pitch 3
WI-09-1-10000 Capacitor: 10nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 2
WI-09-1-100000 Capacitor: 100nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 3
WI-09-1-1000000 Capacitor: 1uF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 2
WI-09-1-22000 Capacitor: 22nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 3
WI-09-1-220000 Capacitor: 220nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 2
WI-09-1-33000 Capacitor: 33nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 2
WI-09-1-47000 Capacitor: 47nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 1
WI-09-1-470000 Capacitor: 470nF 63v Polyester 5mm pitch (MKS2) 3
WI-09-2-10000 Capacitor: 10nF 400v Polyester 10mm pitch (MKS4) 1
WI-09-2-100000 Capacitor: 100nF 100v Polyester 10mm pitch (MKS4) 6
WI-09-2-47000 Capacitor: 47nF 250v Polyester 10mm pitch (MKS4) 2
WI-09-3-10000 Capacitor: 10nF 100v Polypropylene 5mm pitch (FKP2) 1
WI-09-3-2200 Capacitor: 2n2F 100v Polypropylene 5mm pitch (FKP2) 1
WI-09-3-4700 Capacitor: 4n7F 100v Polypropylene 5mm pitch (FKP2) 4
WI-09-3-6800 Capacitor: 6n8F 100v Polypropylene 5mm pitch (FKP2) 3


Translating cap values written on the capacitors as explained by Collin which I found very useful!

Also use your multimeter to confirm the values

It is normal to write the values in short form on the capacitors because of their size.

For example….

470nF would be written as either 470n


u47 (ie 0.470uF… but they never use a decimal point… so they write u470… but that is the same as u47)

Next there is a letter (J or K usually) which states the tolerance

then the voltage rating… so;

u47j63 means 470nF 10% 63volt

15nj100 means 15nF 10% 100volt

1n5j100 means 1.5nF 10% 100volt

Laz EQN1084 EQ Build – D.I.Y. Neve EQ Clone for API 500 series lunchbox
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