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I know, there’s not much here at the moment but in time, Learn Like Me™ hopes that with your help that this site will grow : )


Whether you’re a Professional, Educator, Student, or Anyone needing an online platform to publish your articles, tutorials, portfolio, blogs, artwork, etc. Learn Like Me™ could be the site for you. It’s easy to use and access online using a Computer, iPad, Mobile Device, etc.


Share your own knowledge, ideas or experiences, read what others have to say, create a blog, display your portfolio, write a tutorial, write a review, interview someone…the skies the limit!


Here is a broad outline of what you can do here at Learn Like Me™ and a few tips to get you started:

There’s bound to be something here that you can use LLM for…


If you would like to know how to use a particular feature on Learn Like Me™, go to the Help page for a list of LLM features or use the Find an Article Search panel and enter what you are looking for. Best thing to do is have a play with the Learn Like Me™ site and discover all its features and functions.


Learn Like Me™ plans to add more features, functions and make improvements to the LLM site in the future…….this is just the beginning!


Feel free to also browse through LLM’s own products, services, tutorials, etc…


Learn Like Me™ hopes you enjoy your time here and find the LLM site useful…



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Share your knowledge, ideas and experiences…
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  • January 27, 2014

    Happy New Year for 2014!


    Thank you for visiting and for your continual support to Learn Like Me™…

  • April 3, 2013

    Learn Like Me™ would like to Welcome You and Thank You for Your Patience and Support!


    We hope you Enjoy your stay here and if you would like to get started, we recommend that you go through the Help pages first.


    Note: If you have registered and did not receive an email with your password in your inbox, please check your ‘Junk Mail’ folder. It may have been identified as spam. You may need to unblock the Learn Like Me™ email address in your email application to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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More Desk features to come. Why not send us a Suggestion.

List Articles by Writer or Author

Registered Members at Learn Like Me™ are categorized intro three writer type categories – Readers/Writers, Educators and Learners. All writers have the ability to write or publish an article. Please go to the Writers page for a full description on writers.


You can search articles written by a particular Writer in the following ways.


Select ‘Writers’ at the top navigation bar.

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This will take you to the ‘Writers’ page which contains a list of all the registered writers.

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You can click on one of the writers listed and it will take you to the writer’s public profile page that lists all the articles that the writer has published at Learn Like Me™.

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You can also list writers based on their type category by pressing on one of the writer type categories located in the Categories panel.

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This will give you a list of all the registered writers for that particular writer type category. The Writer Type categories only appears in the Categories panel when you are in the ‘Writers’ page, Writer’s profile page or Writer Type Category page.


You can access a Writer’s profile page anywhere where their username is shown as a link. This will give you quicker access to the list of articles written by a writer by simply going to their public profile page directly.


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These writer links can be found at the bottom of each article, search results, category listing, etc..


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